Training on Management by Objectives

Aims and features

1. The primary purpose of this course is to help you accomplish an organizational goal.

When it comes to management by objectives, it is often the case that we put emphasis on achieving individual or section goal. However essentially, the most important point should be accomplishing the organizational goal. Individual member and management positions have to be aware of the main goal, set respective smaller goals, and make effort in achieving the goal. The basic idea of our training program of MBO is to support you in achieving the organizational goal.

2. Proper MBO can lighten burden of management.

The most important point in achieving the goals is to make your subordinates set goals on their own and provide support or guidance in order to achieve the big organizational goal. By making the subordinates to set goals which are "achievable if worked hard enough", and giving appropriate support, both MBO and subordinate development can be achieved at the same time, so the motivation of subordinates will increase. If you succeed in getting them motivated and try to achieve their goals that they themselves have set independently, your burden of management will decrease. This is also what we hope the participants can reach after having our MBO training.

3. You will acquire the skills of persuading your subordinates to set goals, evaluating their decided goals, motivating them and interviewing them. 

Managerial positions are required to have the following three skills: "Examine whether each individual goal will be contributing to the goals of organization as a whole or his/her division", "Correct the unsuitable goals", and "Evaluate the degree of achievement and the process itself correctly". In our MBO course, you will learn how each individual goal is related to the objectives of top management and then acquire the skills of making your staffs set concrete goals by using figures and specific action plans. Furthermore, you will learn about effective approaches to motivate your subordinates, poor examples of goal setting, and evaluation interview methods as well.

4. We have developed various kinds of worksheets that support your MBO.

We have developed several MBO work sheets. In our training, we will demonstrate how to use them so that participants can apply the tools in their daily work.


The significance of goal setting

First of all, you will have to know the organizational goal should come first in any organization, not the individual goal. You will understand the chain of breaking down the organizational goal that it should become smaller goals of departments, divisions, sections, and groups, and finally the goals of individual staff. After realizing that the goals are all connected to the prime goal, you will be taught the appropriate goal setting which leads to achieving the big organizational goal and proper performance evaluation as well.

Skills of goal setting

We will explain to you in detail how individual goal is linked with the organizational goal. Then we will focus on setting quantitative and measurable goals based on organizational management strategies and correct understanding of the current situation. Furthermore, we will tell you how to deal with difficult cases so as to help solve worries over MBO issues.

Set goals and make plans 

You will be assigned to set a specific goal of your department, break it down into goals for each staff, and then make a practicable plan in order to achieve the goals. We assure you that you will be able to identify what the potential problems in your organization are when you actually set a goal and examine how to achieve it.

How to motivate your subordinates, and how to interview them

MBO can be part of human resources development as well. If you make subordinates understand the significance of goal achievement and its subsequent merits, they will positively start working on tasks by themselves. You will understand that having good communication with your subordinates on a regular basis, and giving them appropriate feedback during the time of goal-setting and performance appraisal as well as the process toward achieving a goal is extremely effective. Moreover, you will be able to acquire the specific skills of interview through practices. We ensure that even you have been thinking you are not skillful at handling interviews; you will gain confidence in it after attending the training program.

The most suitable specific skills to be taught in your training can be custom-made and decided based on the issues in your organization, the requests from your responsible training organizer or our accumulated know-how database and evaluation policies, etc.

Training on Management by Objectives

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